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(W) Michael Calero, Thomas Parson (A) Kit Wallis (CA) Jonboy Meyers

Closing out the first volume strong with a bold, action-packed image from Jonboy Meyers himself, an artist who has contributed to everything from Spider-Man and X-Men to Spawn, The Flash, and even Superman. Our man Jinx is in good company in Quested's finale.

Quested fuses the attitude of Hellboy and the fantasy-adventure spirit of Legend of Zelda as it follows the questing misadventures of pawn shop owner and morally ambiguous hero-for-hire, Jinx, through a world filled with lizard henchmen, dungeon-bosses, and unicorn burgers!

Is it already the end of the first story arc!? How time flies in the land of Faerbraun. Will Jinx and Crew's reluctant quest come to an untimely end when they are forced to enter the dungeon of The Ferryman? Join us for this thrilling finale and we'll all meet back at Jinx's after.
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